Guide on how to give an outstanding footjob

Have you ever heard of footjob?

This term is used to give a name to foot masturbation. This practice is part of podiatry, which is a foot fetish. There are sexual positions that can stimulate the excitement and pleasure of those who feel a foot fetish. These are usually men who like to masturbate with someone else's feet. If it is the woman who wins the affection, the practice is called "reverse footjob".

Footjob in practice

Care, affection, desire and creativity. This is the formula that the fan indicates to practice footjob. The game starts already in foreplay, using the feet to massage the other person's intimate parts. Thus, little by little, with the warming of the climate, the situation evolves towards masturbation. You have to be careful with strength and pressure so that no one gets hurt.


Erotic products can also come into play to make everything more pleasant and interesting. Lubricants with a different smell and scent, for example, can provide more pleasure. Products that heat or cool are a good choice to stimulate both the people doing and receiving. Feet are erogenous and affect sensitive areas as well as the genitals of both men and women and deserve special attention when the subject is the feet.

Footjob can also be a transitional erotic element or part of the foreplay of a sexual relationship

Try playing underwater in a bathtub, freshwater tub or swimming pool.

A good strategy is to also use sensual liquid soaps, which have an aphrodisiac scent, a tasty feel to the skin and make a lot of lather. It is important to remember that you should not do anything that makes you uncomfortable when making love. However, if someone asks you for fellatio and you want to do it, but shame says it all. It is also helpful to play with clothes and accessories to get into the mood. Wearing high heels and transparent socks allows you to invent a character and give free rein to a woman's most diverse sexual fantasies as well.

The same goes for boots, cotton and heavier shoes, which evoke a more dominant atmosphere..